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The Inbetweeners Movie 2 - Trailer


Anonymous asked: Is there a release date for the second movie??

6th of August and thus 2 weeks away! 

Definitely trying to hide my excitement for two weeks.


Anonymous asked: If you hear anything about a US premiere for the second movie, would you PLEASE post info about it!? I can't be the only American dying to find out any bit of information

Once we know, you’ll know!


James Buckley Trailer Commentary

James Buckley (Jay) on trailer criticism

James Buckley has responded to the criticism faced by the trailer for The Inbetweeners 2.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the comedy star addressed this week’s promo and the original “firewankers” teaser trailer.

Buckley revealed that the Inbetweeners had deliberately held back on the recent trailer for fear of spoiling the film’s best moments for fans.

"Everyone’s a bit worried about the trailer, to be honest," he said. "We could’ve possibly made the film look better, but we didn’t want to give anything away."

Of the earlier teaser for the comedy sequel, he added: “I couldn’t get why some people didn’t get the little teaser trailer we did. It was like, ‘Oh, firewankers, oh God it’s the same old thing!’

"That was nothing to do with the film, that was just a little thing that we filmed separately from the film on one of our days off. It was just us doing something to show that we were back."

- Digital Spy


Massive post to follow regarding my opinions! 

The new Inbetweeners Movie 2 trailer

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Trailer Review

I will be referencing a previous review of the ‘Firewankers’ teaser which you can read by clicking here

So, finally, we’ve been offered a trailer with various excerpts from the film which look amusing and reminds me of the series. I assumed the second film would need to follow suite in regards to its former series and less of the first film for two reasons: a) you can only keep a franchise (Inbetweeners) selling the same brits abroad style film for so long before it’s a cash cow and b) you’ve introduced the franchise to the masses and now it’s time to treat the original fans. By the looks of the trailer and the Mobile Virgin Conversion Unit, we will be treated to some series-esque jokes.

The plot is much better than the first film by first glimpse. We have a reason why we’re watching the lads - what’s happened to Jay on his year abroad? How did the girls continue with the lads, if they did? Why is Will not wearing the brilliant wig the whole way through the film (it appears they are dressing up in Harry Potter gear?) There’s a real sense that there’s a story to be told this time around as opposed to a “Let’s do a film half based on the comedy of the series with a plot the public have seen a thousand times before!” Of course, they are still on holiday but as I’ve said, there ‘appears’ to be plot, which me likes. 

The greatest criticism I’ve seen, which, is usually not from fans, is that the actors are in their 20’s and are depicting characters which are a similar age (they’re in University so we’d take a guess at 20/21) yet use language of a just passed puberty teenager. Of course, as a fan of the series I don’t totally agree but all I will say is I think this film should have been set after University and had Jay move abroad (maybe his Dad chucks him out). This would allow for a more grown up vibe yet keeping the comedy of the series with it. After all, as the lads have grown up so have the generation that have watched it. 

Albeit a brief trailer, I’m slightly concerned that it would appear Simon/Will/Neil are all living in the same place and thus possibly attending the same University. I really, really, really hope this isn’t the case. I mean, what are the chances that they would end up at the same University or, even if they did and having been to University myself, would still be talking as much as before anyhow. The problem with Inbetweeners does seem to be the inability to show passing of time - of course, we haven’t seen the film but people change and I would hope the friendships have slightly changed… this would have benefited more from the film being set after University. 

Those are my immediate thoughts, I may add comments in the coming days but first, what are your thoughts?


Massive post to follow regarding my opinions! 

The new Inbetweeners Movie 2 trailer