Do you prefer The Inbetweeners series or the film?

  1. superconscious-soulchild answered: Series :3
  2. ollamawithabanjoo answered: SERIES!
  3. iamraee10051999 answered: series<3
  4. awesomelikeagallagher answered: both amazing but there needs to be more to watch! I demand more inbetweeners. Damn England and 6 episode seasons!
  5. laorangetabby answered: series!
  6. popgiddy answered: series
  7. veryenjoyable answered: series
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  9. jeroulecommeca answered: aaah, this is hard! i’d say the series, jstu because there is more to quote, but the film is definitely a favorite of mine. :)
  10. thebrightsidexo answered: series DEFINITELY xxx
  11. warmblackrooster answered: series
  12. surgeonandthescientist answered: series.
  13. boynextdoor84 answered: without series the movie dosen’t make sense
  14. theklobinator answered: definitely the series!
  15. spreadhatredandnothingelse answered: Series anytime. The film is great, but the series kills me.
  16. merlynmalcolm answered: series!
  17. m0re-issuesthan-v0gue answered: series by far!
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